Our Organization

WICSE is a group focused on gathering together female students at University of South Florida who are majoring, or interested in, computer science and engineering, WICSE has currently over 120 female undergraduate and graduate students, who are currently majoring in Computer Science and Engineering at USF. WICSE provides opportunities for female students to participate in extracurricular activities, receive and provide support to fellow members regarding coursework, job opportunities, or general coiunseling advice, and create strong relationships between members, faculty, staff, and job recruiters.

Our Staff

The board members of WICSE are all accomplished, exuberant women looking to create a welcoming, supportive place for engineering students to develop themselves and connect with others. They all aspire to make Computer Science and Engineering a more approachable field for all students, regardless of age or gender.

Our Events

WICSE organizes a variety of events and workshops designed to help students polish their skills as engineers and prepare for their debut in the professional scene. We host weekly meetings detailing companies that are hiring, new abiltiies that are in demand, and new volunteering opportunities.