Professional Development and Outreach
Women in Computer Science and Engineering (WICSE) is dedicated to providing CSE students with opportunities to make connections with companies and encourage professional partnerships ranging from mentorships, internships, and career development. We also perform community outreach to help expose the younger generation to computer sciences and nurture future engineers of all ages.
Our Sponsors

WICSE would like to thank our wonderful sponsors JP Morgan Chase and FairWarning for sponsoring and supporting USF Women in Computer Science and Engineering (USF WICSE) chapter. We recognize JP Morgan Chase as our "Platinum" sponsor.

We would like to recognize FairWarning as our "Captains of Innovations" Sponsor

Education, Training, and Workshops
WICSE at USF strives to encourage and bridge the gap in STEM education as well. We provide technical workshops, hardware projects, and coding sessions to our members to cultivate their technical abilities. Our mission is to create an environment that will not only strengthen one’s professional development but also create a home for the computer scientist in each of us.