Leadership Development
USF WICSE encourages unity, teamwork and competence among our members through the development of a strong network. Some activities to accomplish this include social gatherings, corporate lunches and banquets with students and professionals.
  • Social Gatherings: Our goal is to help our members interact with each other and professionals, while enjoying their college experience.
    • Recruitment Social: USF WICSE has two recruitment socials each year, one in the Fall semester (September) and one in the Spring semester (January). Our mission is to recruit new students to help them develop leadership skills and the confidence.
  • Corporate Lunches: This opportunity allows students to interact with professionals in different departments from different companies. Corporate lunches allow USF WICSE members the chance to ask questions and connect with the professionals in our community. In addition, members will learn dining etiquette and table manners.
  • End of Year Banquet: USF WICSE celebrates our yearly banquet at the end of the Spring semester. Our goal is to gather all members and sponsors to express our gratitude in helping USF WICSE become a better place for future leaders. At this banquet, upcoming officers are announced, graduating members are announced, and sponsors are recognized and welcomed for their investment.
Professional Development
USF WICSE encourages professional growth and competence among our members through the development of a strong network and professional presentation. To accomplish our goals, we have general body meetings, professional workshops, technical mock interviews and the Grace Hopper Celebration.
  • General Body Meetings: As a young chapter, USF WICSE strives to keep our members informed of upcoming events and activities monthly. In addition, we invite guest speakers (professors, professionals and faculty members) to talk about their working experiences, any upcoming projects and/or activities to motivate our members.
  • Professional Workshops: Our workshops are designed to help our members prepare for conferences and the professional world. Our workshops include business etiquette, resume building, and interview skills. Our workshops invite professionals and companies to talk to our members about resume building, interview tips and other useful tips.
  • Technical Mock Interviews: USF WICSE is implementing a new concept to interviews which are technical mock interviews for our members. This concept is designed to help our members land their interviews and obtain a quality job. We hope to further integrate companies into helping us with technical mock interviews and career services tips.
  • Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC): The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing is the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. GHC offers a variety of programs and opportunities to help our members in developing their professional skills. The agenda includes guest speakers, technical and career workshops. GHC offers valuable resources to students including the Student Opportunity Lab and career fair. This year’s conference will in held from Wednesday, October 4th through Friday, October 6th in Orlando, Florida.
Academic Excellence
USF WICSE values academic excellence and instills different programs to help aid our members in achieving their academic goals. Our chapter encourages our members to attend our USF WICSE Buddy System and workshops designed to help grow their skillset. USF WICSE Buddy System consists of study sessions, workshops and mentorship. To ensure academic success, WISCE members are encouraged to meet bi-weekly and consult with their buddy to help each other out.
Technical Workshops
The priority of every student in computer science and engineering is to have applied what they have learned. USF WICSE has designed technical workshops to help our members stay up to date with new coding languages and presenting themselves well with their own website. Some of our technical workshops include build your own website, LOVE, and virtual reality.
Community Outreach
USF WICSE’s goal is to extend our knowledge and help to students ranging from elementary to high school. Our chapter has WICSEKids which is designed to help our local schools. Our chapter aim to empower students, especially young girls and women, through the promotion of STEM education, awareness and computing.
  • WICSEKids: WICSEKids is part of the USF WICSE chapter and it focuses on three different groups throughout the year: elementary students, middle school students and high school students. WICSEKids will be a continual program designed to help kids be aware of future opportunities.
    • Elementary School Students: We believe that the root of success starts at the base, which starts in elementary school. USF WICSE will provide fun hands-on STEM activities to help our elementary school students become excited about STEM. We hope to plant a seed in their mind about STEM and computing. Our hope is to introduce basic concepts of Python, Arduino, and HTML.
    • Middle School Students: At the middle stage, we understand that kids will go into different paths. However, our mission is to help middle school students stay on their own righteous path. In addition, we hope to introduce Robotic competitions. USF WICSE strives to provide healthy STEM and computing competitions to our students to encourage them to pursue a STEM track in high school and after in college.
    • High School Students: One of our goals is to help prepare high students for college. Our program is to help students with SAT/ACT tutoring session, college preparation workshops, scholarship opportunities and resume building workshops. In addition, we hope to introduce Robotic competitions. We hope that our students will see that paying it forward will help them in the future.
  • Engineering EXPO: Each year, USF holds an engineering exposition in February to showcase the different engineering disciplines to students from elementary to high school. The goal is engineering exposition is to allow many company representatives, societies and faculty members to display their work and encourage STEM in education.